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The February E-Consult Workgroup Webinar features Michelle Lee and Vinod Nambudiri, MD of Partners Healthcare, MA, presenting their recently published article, Electronic Consultations for Safe and Equitable Coordination of Virtual Outpatient Specialty Care. The authors will highlight how e-consults can improve the relationship and communication between PCPs and specialists, patient access to care and referral process. The authors also provide examples of how e-consults serve an increasingly important role during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially for underserved and at-risk populations.

Join us on February 24 from 12-1 Pacific time.

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The January E-Consult Workgroup webinar featured a presentation from the Ontario (Ottawa) eConsult Program, led by Clare Liddy, MD and two members of her research team, Alexander Hajjir and Claire Sethuram. The presentation focused on findings from their recent publications: Primary Care Providers' Perspectives on the Ontario eConsult Program  and The Vascular eConsult: An Efficient, Useful, and Economical Tool for Primary Care Physicians to Interact With a Vascular Specialist, for Proper Care of the Vascular Patient

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