The E-Consult Workgroup maintains a library of current research most important to e-consult users, shares important policy changes, and highlights case studies demonstrating provider engagement and payer support. View the E-Consult Toolkit and Playbook for a compilation of best practices from successful e-consult programs.

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The January 2021 E-Consult Workgroup webinar will feature  recent publications from Clare Liddy, MD and the Ontario (Ottawa) eConsult Program team highlighting primary care provider experiences and satisfaction.

Join us on January 20 from 12-1 Pacific time.


The December E-Consult Workgroup webinar featured Amber Larson, MHA and James (Jesse) Wheeler, DO, presenting their NEJM publication, E-Consult Innovation: A Middle-Ground Model To Enhance Adoption and Improve Care.

Our featured speakers' case study tested the efficacy of alternative operational and financial models for e-Consult. HealthPartners designed a vertically integrated system that engaged third-party payers and implemented an in-house method to compensate specialists and primary care providers for their e-consult work. After less than one year, more than 50% of the e-consults have been billed, and more than 60% of the requests from PCPs were addressed the same day.


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