Actualizing Better Health and Health Care for Older Adults: Health Affairs March Issue

In a focus on “age-friendly health”, Terry Fulmer et al note that our health care system is unprepared to care for its growing population of older adults, and that new approaches must be considered, including telehealth modalities offering education, such as e-consult. Dr. Fulmer joined us for our March 2021 E-Consult workgroup webinar.

Recommendations Include:

Creating an Adequately Prepared Workforce

Recommendations included enhancing the competence of all providers who deliver health care, increasing the recruitment and retention of geriatrics specialists, and redesigning models of care for more efficient deployment of the existing workforce.

Developing New Approaches To Care Delivery

Policy changes to Medicare and Medicaid during the COVID-19 pandemic have reduced barriers to telehealth access and promoted its use…Advances in telehealth and technology should be promoted through regulatory action, payment incentives, federal and state demonstration projects, and the development of public-private partnerships

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