E-Consult Effectiveness in Women’s Health

In a study of e-consult and gynecology, 7042 referrals were made in a 10 month study period. After exclusion of referrals to colposcopy and the early pregnancy clinic, 4738 e-referrals remained. Of these, 1013 referrals (21.4%) were triaged for an e-consult. One hundred and forty-seven patients (14.5%) with an initial e-consult were re-referred within 6 months for the same condition. The reduction in face-to-face contacts was 18.2% (866/4738). In conclusion, e-consultation was effective at reducing the number of first outpatient face-to-face contacts without notable compromise of the quality of care or patient safety. E-consultation allows specialists to provide expert clinical guidance, management and support to the referring provider when appropriate.

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